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Discover The Advanced Education Management System
For 21st Century Schools!

Here’s how you can make complex class management easier than ABC! ClassTrack is an innovative school manager that will take all the fuss and paperwork out of school management.

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All-Inclusive Concierge LMS

ADMINS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS & PARENTS get accounts to manage and
track every learning activity and communication.

Make working easier with's AI automations and pre-plan all your courses. Excellent coordination between teachers, students and parents. Schools admins can use amazing reports and analytics.

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Easily create new courses and lesson plans and give assignments
and tests to students. Mark and grade tests online.

It's super easy to create online assignments using PDFs or MCQs by using our question bank feature. With live proctoring and video recording, make the tests cheating-proof.

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You'll get your own landing page where you can sell online courses
for all types of learning modes.

Full support for online teaching with emphasis on teacher led courses. Make your own lesson plan and make your classes standardized with no paperwork.

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API Integrations for Moodle, SCORM, Quickbooks...

We can integrate your existing software
so that you dont have to redo all your hardwork.

We offer full-stack development to meet your custom demands so that you don't have to change the way you want to manage your school.

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For Students,
Admins &


Create a new Account for
Tutors, Academies,
Schools, Colleges,
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See How ClassTrack Is
The Right Choice For You:

Are You… A College Administrator Who Needs An Advanced Education Management System With Integrated Modules & A World-Class Attendance Tracking Process?

Are You… A School Teacher Who Needs To Save Time & Increase Efficiency While Keeping Costs As Low As Possible?

Are You… A Tutor Who Runs A Small Academy & Needs A Smart Way To Keep Track Of Your Timetable & Lesson Attendances Without Spending A Small Fortune?

BONUS Question: Do You Want To Help Your Students Keep Track Of Their Classes, Assessments & Timetables?

If Your Answer Is “YES” To Any Of These Questions, You Should Have Already Started Using ClassTrack!

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What Makes ClassTrack Worth The Investment?

Teacher-Friendly Class Management System For All Educators

Easy Class Setup

  • Lesson Planning
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Assignments / Tests
  • Document Sharing
  • Auto Grading
  • Automatic Transcripts
  • World’s First Copy+Paste Importer (CPI) For Effortless & Time-Saving Process

    It's EASY TO SWITCH to

  • Import complex student and course data with our unique CPI which lets you simply copy and paste only relevant columns from your existing spreadsheet.
  • Innovative QR Attendance System

    Our QR Code Generator

  • makes it easy for teachers to keep track of students who arrive late or leave early.
  • Teachers don't even have to do the roll call.
  • Advanced Student Progress Tracking

    Realtime Tracking and timelines keep you updated about continuous performance. Advanced reports and analytics help in making informed decisions.

    Smart Notifications & Easy-To-Use Mobile App

    Mobile App for Teachers, Students and Admin

    Not Convinced?

    ClassTrack costs roughly $1 per student and allows you to:


    Hundreds of Man Hours Per Year By Automating Fees, Evaluations, Payment Reminders & More


    Thousands Of Dollars On Managerial Costs By Replacing Paperwork With User-Friendly Modules


    Your Teachers & Students From Confusing Class Schedules & Take Student Attendance Online

    Did We Mention That ClassTrack Is
    Good For The Planet Too?

    Think about all the paper your educational institution goes through in an academic year. Now multiply that by all the years you have been operating. That’s quite a waste of paper, right?

    Now you can do your part for the environment by effectively taking paperwork out of the equation and investing in a cloud-based, paper-free, eco-friendly way to manage your institution.

    The Problem.

    Who said that efficient college management, online exam management, or attendance management has to be synonymous with mountains of paperwork?

    Managing classes, assessments, and attendance can be a huge challenge, especially if your school or university lacks the infrastructure required to handle management tasks with ease.

    Paperwork is costly, takes up too much space in your facility, and can be easily lost, misplaced or destroyed.

    Thousands of schools and universities have to deal with this problem every single year.

    Doing everything by hand on paper is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also counter-productive, since you could spend that time focusing on more important aspects of your curriculum.

    That’s exactly why we have designed this paper-free school management system that will allow you to perform every single task with unmatched convenience and ease – minus the huge pile of paperwork.

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    Top 3 Reasons Why Universities
    & Schools Choose ClassTrack:

    Cheaper Solution:

    Managing every single detail of your school or university is not as easy as it sounds. As you already know, it costs time, effort, and capital to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

    That is why we have decided to eliminate the most frustrating, tiresome, and costly aspects of the process by automating most of the tasks.

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    Faster Solution

    Our system features one of the world’s first copy paste importer so you can easily clone the assessments of any previous batch into your new batch and save precious time.

    As a result, you will be able to increase your productivity and focus on big-picture issues instead of wasting your time manually transferring assessments.

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    Better Support

    What makes ClassTrack stand head and shoulders above the competition is not only its immaculate UI and clean, minimalistic design, but also the stellar support provided by our highly-trained and qualified support specialists.

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    FACT: In This Era Of Uncertainty,
    Online Education Management
    Systems Are The Future.

    Social distancing has started to make physical office spaces more obsolete than ever. What used to be the management’s office, jam-packed with student files or the teacher’s desk with a pile of documents that look like a small hill, will be replaced by one hassle-free, space-saving, time-saving, and user-friendly application that makes everything easier.

    Enter ClassTrack:

    Our 1-stop school management service will allow you to stay on top of every single aspect of your school, including:

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    • Online Exam Management
    • Club Courses
    • Staff Designation
    • Timetables
    • Fields Of Study
    • Programs
    • Teachers List
    • Reports

    3 Signs That Your School Needs ClassTrack:

    Your class registration and attendance tracking systems are based on old-school, “reliable” paperwork that has taken over your office like an ivy. Everywhere you turn you see files on top of other, less important, files.

    Your current cloud-based education management system does not have the features and capabilities required to handle complex managerial tasks without feeling outdated. You seem to spend more time waiting for it to load than anything else.

    Social distancing has created unexpected obstacles that cannot be overcome by your current class management system. Class registration, online exams, and payment processing have become more difficult than ever.

    3 Unique Features That Will Make ClassTrack
    Your Next Education Management Solution:

    Ground-Breaking College Management System:

    Allows you to manage every single detail of your program, from the timetables to the teachers list in a simple and highly-efficient way.

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    Pioneering QR Attendance Tracking System

    Keep track of total hours spent in each class and manage attendance using our advanced QR attendance system.

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    Cutting-Edge Online Exam Management System

    designed to enable college professors, school teachers, and tutors to manage online exams without complications, ClassTrack provides an easy solution.

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    Here’s Why College Administrators,
    School Teachers, And Tutors Love ClassTrack:

    ClassTrack Covers

    From simple details like max seats in each class to more complex assessment management tasks, ClassTrack provides a straightforward way to customize and handle every single detail.

    ClassTrack Makes
    Tasks Easier

    Unlike other online school management applications, ClassTrack allows teachers to simply copy and paste assessments into their new batches, thus minimizing the time spent on creating new batches.

    ClassTrack Improves

    Designed to make attendance tracking, billing and invoicing, membership management, payment processing, and team management faster, ClassTrack enables users to keep track of every single detail.

    Here’s What A Good School
    Management System Can Do For Your School:


    By eliminating paperwork and time-consuming manual tasks, you and your staff will be able to spend time and energy on more important matters.

    Enhanced School

    A forward-thinking managerial approach that adapts to the changes is a great sign for parents who are looking for a school or college for their children.

    Less Margin
    For Error

    By offering you a 1-stop, cloud-based attendance tracking and class management system, ClassTrack will allow you to minimize mistakes and run your school like clockwork.


    You Have Nothing To Lose & No Excuses To Postpone It!

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